Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bring-on-the-baby foods

I made a menu full of foods that are supposed to bring on labor last night, but as you can see by the post right now, I am not yet in labor! Still, it was a very tasty day.

I made spicy eggplant and pork (local eggplant and pork) with udon noodles (not local), and a pineapple smoothie, washed down by liberal amounts of red raspberry leaf tea. Today I'll be having some Thai green papaya salad with more spicy eggplant. I don't know if it's helping, but it is quite tasty!

And this baby is bound to come out sooner or later, but sooner would make me a happy lady.


Caterpiller Girl said...

How many weeks are you? Try to keep in mind that the longer you wait and let your body "warm up" the shorter your labor will more likely be! Of course, there isn't any guarantees, but it might make you feel a little more patient! Good luck :)

Momaste said...

I'm now 40 weeks pregnant, and this is my second child so hopefully labor will be faster! Thanks for the positive thoughts. :)